Accounting Seed, a Salesforce Accounting Solution

Accounting Seed, a Salesforce Accounting Solution

The flexibility and native connection to Salesforce enables Accounting Seed to lead inspirational accounting solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem.

The First-ever Accounting Platform Powered by Salesforce

Reinvent the way you do Accounting and take your business to the next level. As your business evolves, Accounting Seed’s built-in, easy-to-use “click, no code” configuration, and countless customisation options allow the platform to grow with you. With Accounting Seed, you’re empowered to make more qualified, strategic business decisions by increasing data visibility for all of your stakeholders.

Go Native. Get Better Accounting

As a native Salesforce accounting platform, Accounting Seed reliably connects to all the other applications in your Salesforce environment for seamless, real-time data flow. This saves your money while giving you more secure and accurate data from lead to ledger. 

A particular highlight for me and my team is the Bank Direct functionality together with EMPAUA's auto-matching add-on.

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Jan Wörle - CFO

This is how together we take our clients to the next level

Partners are better together, and we are delighted to have partnered up with Accounting Seed


Customer Support

We are looking forward to leveraging this relationship to support our current and future customers with their business intelligence needs.


Empowering people and organisations

With Accounting Seed you will no longer have to juggle multiple systems or spreadsheets, as it is a very flexible, collaborative, connected, accessible, automated, and scalable solution.


A smart solution for your business

We provide you specific support about Accounting Seed, from why to use it, how to adapt it to your business needs to its right implementation. Book a demo and, together, we will find a smart solution for your business.


Salesforce Powerhouse in Europe: EMPAUA and Accounting Seed Partnership

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