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Wefox has mastered Lead collection and qualification in the Insurance industry thanks to the Marketing Cloud solutions implemented by EMPAUA.

Sergi Baños Lara, wefox CTO

Salesforce Cloud Implemented

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Marketing Cloud

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Built broker portal and customer journeys

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wefox is a German insurance platform that enables customers, insurance brokers and insurance providers to manage insurance products digitally. The service platform, founded in 2014, allows users and providers to manage their insurance and financial products intelligently and efficiently.


To render a flawless customer experience, wefox Group faced the challenge of aligning the needs of various stakeholders consisting of customers, brokers and providers within a widely analogue global industry.

The wefox Group’s executive team wanted to create a seamless onboarding process for both brokers and new customers through a custom-built Salesforce solution.


To support customers to make the right choices with their insurances and to facilitate smooth interaction with insurance providers, EMPAUA built a 360° Service Solution, which included real-time support and automated claim management.

  • Platform
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud


  • Broker Portal: The wefox Group strives to include traditional insurance brokers within their platform, giving each independent broker a highly sophisticated digital tool to service their mandates. EMPAUA built a portal which allows the various brokers to onboard their commissions and leverages a cutting-edge, highly automated customer care solution.
  • End-to-end Customer to Insurance: the wefox platform is directly connected to some of the most significant insurances worldwide.
  • Leveraging the Salesforce API-First strategy, processes can be automated end to end, speeding up claim processing and reducing administrative overhead.
”EMPAUA is supporting wefox on reaching our ambitious goals, by delivering a flexible and customer-centric project management solution”.
Sergi Baños Lara, wefox CTO

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