July 9, 2021

EMPAUA’s Partner, Aircall, raises $120M and is now valued above $1B

EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

We are pleased to announce the recent achievements of Aircall, one of our technology partners, with whom we have worked closely delivering smart solutions to our customers. Aircall offers a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allowing companies to make and receive phone calls via internet. Today, the cloud-based phone systems platform became one of 15 unicorn companies which EMPAUA has developed exciting projects with. Not only that, but to date, Aircall has raised $120 million and is now valued at over $1 billion. “At Aircall, we didn’t expect to grow as quickly and as robustly as we did. It has been a very humbling experience. As many disruptors may know, we experienced setbacks and tough moments, but we always had this powerful drive to help millions of professionals create better communication between each other and their customers.”, Oliver Pailhès, Aircall Co-Founder and CEO on their blog. According to techeu, Aircall has achieved a 65% total customer growth over the past year alone, now counting some 8,500 customers worldwide, and a third of its revenue coming from the US. The firm counts over 450 employees in offices in Paris, Madrid, New York, and Sydney.

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EMPAUA Salesforce Partner

Aircall is the cloud-based call center and phone system of choice for modern businesses. A voice platform that integrates seamlessly with popular productivity and helpdesk tools. Aircall was built to make phone systems easy to manage – accessible, transparent, and collaborative.They believe that a great conversation is the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, candidates, and colleagues. It is designed to enable delightful moments of human connection. Aircall was founded in 2014 and has raised over $226 million in funding. Based in New York, Paris, Sydney, and Madrid, the company currently has over 450 employees.


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